Lindsay has completed her level one course with The Sound Healing Academy in March 2019 and is currently undertaking her level two. The unique Integral Sound Healing process championed by The Academy is proven as a highly effective form of vibrational energy medicine.

Working with a variety of instruments including crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks and gongs, Lindsay conducts her sound healing sessions working intuitively around individual needs. Through intention and pure sound, physical, mental and emotional tension can be relieved as the vibrations emitted from the instruments being played around and on the body penetrate tissues, activating healing on a deep cellular level.



Lindsay offers group and one-to-one sound healing sessions from her peaceful home studio in Bethnal Green, where she takes time and care to create a comfortable and nurturing environment for her clients, which coupled with her friendly and open approach allows them to feel at ease. She works collaboratively with her clients, targeting their specific requirements. Healing sessions start from £25 and last around 45 minutes. Email Lindsay for further information or to book.
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Lindsay hosts a slow flow yoga class with a sound-bath every Wednesday from her home studio. Email her to sign up.